Hugh David – CV

Name    Dr. Hugh DAVID
Nationality           British
Born             7 Dec 1937

Current              7 High Wickham
Address          Hastings Old Town
East Sussex
TN35 5PB
United Kingdom
Telephone/Fax    +44 1 424 430025

Professional       Chartered Ergonomist and Human Factors Specialist, CIEHF (UK)
Societies        Member, AISB (UK)
Fellow, Royal Statistical Society (UK)

University        B.Sc. (Maths and Statistics) Manchester 1959
Qualifications        M.Sc. (Ergonomics and Cybernetics) Loughborough 1963
Ph. D. (Ergonomics) Loughborough 1970

Employment        Plessey Company (1960 – 1962)
Loughborough University (1963 – 1969)
Eurocontrol Experimental Centre (1970 – 2002)
R+D Hastings (2002 – Date)

Security Rating        Cleared up to Negative vetting

After National Service in Royal Artillery worked for Plessey Company on design of digital computer for Royal Artillery, (1962) developing primitive menu-driven input system. found that the limiting feature was the speed of operator input, about which nothing useful was then known.

Went to Loughborough University to follow post-graduate course in Ergonomics and Cybernetics. After completion of M.Sc. thesis, joined university staff as Technical Assistant, Assistant Lecturer and Lecturer. Taught Logic, Computer Programming and Statistics. Developed a computer statistical package specifically designed to minimise the forms of errors commonly observed in practice (Data input errors, inappropriate statistics, confounding, non-orthogonality.) Package was subsequently published as “The Computer Package STATCAT” by North-Holland (Elzevier).

While teaching and preparing statistical analyses at Loughborough, carried out studies of the ability of Air Traffic Controllers to predict and react to potential conflict situations. Thesis on the Ability of Air Traffic Controllers to perceive Conflicts accepted for the degree of Ph. D. in January 1970.

Joined Eurocontrol Experimental Centre January 1970. Subsequently, has studied Human Factors aspects of Air Traffic Control, including the perception of conflicts, strain on controllers and methods of measuring it, and various methods of rapid empirical evaluation of ATC displays. Designed various ATC consoles and displays, including ODID. 1997-2002 Independent Research Fellow – supervising psychophysiological studies and investigating radical approaches to ATC.

Now independent consultant – Human Computer Interfaces, Stress / Strain Measurement, Radical Approaches to Air Traffic, experimental methodology.

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